Are you familiar with those wake-up calls from time to time that life rarely (usually) offers? those times that you are forced to stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to details around and be aware of everything beautiful and crystal around you! the beauty and its reflections, the ugly and its poison and all that in between..

Ramadan, is one of those heavenly gifts to us, a wake up call, a gentle call to look around, and more important, look inside! to be more tolerant and kind, give more of our good deeds, gentle words and lovely care. A month every year to be reminded of the beauty of forgiveness, the ability to smile and share..

A practice that people need to understand, apply and benefit from, especially in times like these.. where hatred is what people give and receive, wars are how we live and chaos is what we’re teaching the coming generations.

Give this month its right image, right purpose and share love, peace and kindness.

Ramadan Kareem Everyone.

5 thoughts on “Ramadan

  1. A nice profound wake up call indeed 🙂
    May we be able to welcome the distinguished guest in the best we can, with an enduring touch too 🙂
    Ramadan mubarak.


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