Competitions and I

I never been in a competition before.. a real competition. and I was never the competition type of girl and will never be.. First time for me was the TwisitJordan competition by Queen Rania. It’s simply a tourist swap, one from Jordan swaps counties for a week with one from abroad. cool.

I think It’s for my good I did not win my first competition, so I learn more from it!

First i thought I just wanna upload a video and show people Jordan through my eyes with some of the photos i took during my trips in Jordan. but then not sure what happened and I really got into the competition spirit, for the first time in my life! so it was kinda weird.

I started “pushing” some people to “like” and RT my video, while some others showed an amazing response, support and help! i was amazed and happy! The tough part is when you do not find the help from the people you expect tremendous help from! like you count on those people but they fail you… That was actually the hardest part of all the competition, even harder than me not going to the 5 finalists from Jordan. but that’s ok…

I learned from this experience more than anything else is Tolerance. What I got is i became more careless than before AND more positive than before.. because at the end, there’s no pure, perfect, fair competition out there, without any further explanation. 🙂

Regardless to all that, competition will not change in my eyes, its that evil thing and that evil desire to WIN more than enjoying the experience or in this case showing off our Jordan, how many people of the competitors wrote or made a video about Jordan before this? only few?.. Now they all love Jordan! which is good i guess! the more the merrier 🙂

To me, Jordan will still be Jordan, the lovely, stunning, amazing country.. and will always be Home. God bless Jordan!

Again, I don’t think i will be in a competition again, it’s one of the things I try once in a lifetime and more than enough.

At the end, wanna thank ALL the amazing people.. truly.. you guys made my experience enjoyable and exciting.. your support and standing by my side means more than you know.. you know yourselves 🙂

Thank You!

8 thoughts on “Competitions and I

  1. lovely what u wrote,
    but i think you should always participate in competitions when u feel you deserve to win,
    even if u don’t
    sometimes participating is courage, thus wining….

  2. I’ve been there before…
    It’s good to know whom to count on, who will stand by your side whenever you need it and who will not.
    And I’m 100% sure that you were at certain parts unsatisfied by pushing on others to vote for you… The good thing is what you’ve learned. Believe me, 90% of this life depends on what we do for ourselves instead of what others can give us… You saw that the queen’s decision had nothing to do with the votes. We better start counting on ourselves more and we don’t need to leave our ego at the door!
    p.s. that does not mean that you didn’t do your best. I loved your video! It’s much more better than some of the chosen ones!
    Good luck! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, and i totally agree with you.. Also I learned that if i really want to win i need to give more effort on what i want and how to get rather than trying to get it, if you know what i mean.. as i said before, i havent paid to much effort on the video because the initial idea wasnt to win, only to show Jordan and to participate..

      Thanks 🙂

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