Just like Gold

There is no limit to a woman’s sacrifice and love.. no limit to her care and kindness.. when she really loves.. when she really wants.. and no matter how cruel he treats her.. no matter how many times he tries to test her tolerance, she will amaze him even more.. time after time.. night after night and year after year.. she can take as much hurt as he can give without a word or a glance different that the softness he’s used to.. hiding her tears and swallowing her pain.. smiling to him and says the words he would like to hear..

…until she breaks down.. the hardest thing and the saddest thing can ever happen is when a woman breaks down.. when she no longer trusts.. when no longer cares.. she becomes as cold as a steel under the rain in a cruel winter.. too cold and careless but still strong and determined .. you do not want her careless, it will be limitless, eternal and torturing..

That’s woman’s heart.. shinning with love, clean and innocent, soft and precious, eternal.. and just like gold, hard and tough when someone tries to scratch it..

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