Jordan’s Problem and Solution

I believe change should come from people, change starts at home, neighborhood, city and then goes outward (and upward!).

Even though he lives thousands miles away but no one could say it better when it’s about Jordan and what it needs from its people.

I wish it was as easy as Garfan’s words:

Ammon news started a new poll asking readers to nominate a Jordanian Official whom they think is the most negligent Official in the country. The post attracted numerous comments/nominations. However, I only agree with a couple. Only two commenters mentioned the Jordanian Citizen as the cause of such corruption and negligence.

It is true. As we say in Arabic: الساكت على الحق: شيطان أخرس.
Not only that, almost all members of the Jordanian Parliament are repeatedly elected on the bases of tribal affiliation in disregard to their incompetence, inexperience, and the lack of credible performance in prior terms in the Parliament.

Jordanian citizens are the source of such corruption.

They are guilty of supporting corrupt officials with their corrupt practices, such as:

* Responding to every person disagreeing with them on an official’s credentials with: عيب، ما بصير
* Inviting officials for Mansaf to score points,
* Defending incompetent officials only because they belong to the same tribe, not because of any meaningful qualifications
* Insisting on not following rules or laws
* Allowing those members of parliament to fool them repeatedly into electing them with false promises…
* Strongly believing in some archaic morals and traditions that grant undeserved respect to those officials that have not benefited the country in any way.

In addition, and I hope I won’t be labeled “Americanized” or have “defected,” King abdullah does not need the crap Jordanians so proudly, and loudly, broadcast. King Abdullah is an educated, intelligent man. He does not need people to insult him by inserting “long live the king” between every other word they utter. He does not need people to follow him blindly. He needs to know that he is running a country full of people that belong to the الانسان أغلى ما نملك attitude of his father, and not a flock of sheep. He needs to be challenged. Not through violence, but through questioning and debating, directly or otherwise. Jordanians are in a dire need of attitude realignment. They need to figure out their own destiny and not leave it to شيخ العشيرة. Jordanians need to learn how to be persistent, persevering, and focused on issues that matter to them the most. If your MP candidate promised to question فلّان and demand information from علّان, why not hold him/her accountable and let the word out. Why spend all that money on an ad in the daily paper congratulating the King on Eid, when you can use the same space to question your Representative. Why spend all that money on mansaf for a filthy rich (also morally filthy) official, when you can buy a full page ad in any daily paper and direct your questions to the government or whomever has the answers.

The list will go on, but I am afraid the Jordanian inferiority will go on further. Unless we work on building a strong voice for the street, the cries and complaints will never reach the ears of those we entrusted with speaking on our behalf and arguing in our favor against a government that has no opponents.

One last thing: King Abdullah, why do we still have the inefficient, unproductive, and unstable habit of forming a government every year or so. Why not borrow a page form the play book of some developed, and far superior nation, and try to give a competent minister the chance to implement his/her policies and changes without the fear of a “تعديل وزاري خلال اسابيع”!!

2 thoughts on “Jordan’s Problem and Solution

  1. All what u said is very present and evident in our society, can`t disagree with that.
    R we in some way ignoring the root causes and just over-looking them Jano? 😦

    The list(s) can go on 4ever as u pointed out, but… effective remedies? any1?


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