When the Heart Decides

For a second this might sound like “just another song” but for some reason i find it so meaningful and deeply touches the heart..

ناس بنتلاقه فيهم بننساهم بعد بالملقى
ناس بنتلاقه فيهم وبتعز علينا الفرقه
وناس بنترافق ع دروب نحنا وياهم بندوب
ومين بيعرف شو المكتوب بنفارق ما لابنبقى

We always meet some people and really forget them after we leave even if it was for years.. we might got used to them but after leaving them, they’re history.
At the same time, but rarely, we meet someone and it might be just for few minutes, days, weeks or few months.. but they live inside us forever, no matter how we try to push them away, they’re always within us.. and sometimes, the feeling is mutual.. you both melt in love but never meet again.. again, who knows.. you also might melt in love and live happily ever after..

ناس بيعشقونا كتير وحبن النا مش عادي
ناس بينسونا وبنصير نعشقهن نحنا زيادة
وفي ناس بتقسى وبتخون وناس بتعشق حبها جنون
وحتى بعذابها بتكون عم تعيش بسعادة

No comment on this verse.. I’ll leave it up to you..

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