The International Power

We all heard what happened to the ships of freedom flotilla and felt so bad, talked about it and heard the news all day long.

As we saw, this was an international effort to break the siege, they did not succeed completely but it was enough to turn almost all the world against the injustice happening in Gaza and all Palestine.

Now what?

This international reaction and efforts should not stop here; the world leaders realize how important this case is and all people everywhere are willing to defend it. So let’s start!

Boycott, all the Israeli products or the economic relations with Israel, even the little can help.
Spread the word, let as many people know the truth, and open their eyes to the injustice and get as many into the campaign.
Be reasonable, as there are so many Jews/Israelis who are NOT Zionists and they support the Palestinian rights.
Pick your words on the injustice, the rights, and that people from everywhere are paying the price of Israel’s arrogance. Tweet, re-tweet, blog and re-post, facebook statuses and pictures, etc. make your word be heard.
Pressure your government, governments should take an action! In an ideal world, they represent us, so let them do it good!

Please feel free to add to the list and get the international power directed, for once, to something good. We got us here with our silence and ignorance, let’s fix it!

If it’s not for a cause like this, what for?

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