Dancing Heart

Have you ever felt your heart is dancing? It’s indescribable but one can get close to imagining it..

Imagine a field with all flowers of all colors in a sunny cool day, and a very beautiful colorful butterfly is flying from one flower to another like she owns this field, like it’s her own world and sharing it with no one.. she goes in circles happily and joyfully..

Imagine a wild black horse in a very wide green field and the horse is running the fastest it can.. racing the wind, racing the sky and the rays of light.. too fast to the point it’s flying with a smile on its face..

Imagine a bunch of daisies, a field of them actually.. swinging happily, poking each other and bending softly embracing the cool breeze.. opening their faces to the sun taking all the light they can and bloom..

Imagine your heart is jumping around in your chest chanting and singing the most joyful melodies and goes back to its place to jump again..

When was the last time your heart danced?

11 thoughts on “Dancing Heart

  1. I think I`m lucky, I just a notification of this just now! Brilliant post, wndr wt triggered it into u :).
    Honestly, my last time for true party inside my heart was a long time ago! Good to reflect upon it, but memories alone r not enough sometimes!

    Thx and sorry 4 the pessimistic touch!


    • thanks a lot : )) i think we need to find a reason to dance our hearts.. i dono.. sometimes its just a lil too hard..

      thx for subscribing to my blog πŸ˜‰

  2. Actually i was in a Latino night yesterday & all my body was dancing, not only my heart πŸ˜›

    Very nice figures you used, it really made me live the moment πŸ™‚
    Keep it up!!

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