She’s a Mystery, he said.

“It must be her playful eyes or her cheerful smile” he started talking after 15 minutes of silence. “what else could have attached me to her? the womanly way she walks maybe or how silly she frowns. The way she talks and defends her thoughts, her secrets and her inner emotions or could be how she throws a joke and laughs”

he paused and I was listening and thinking; all these are overrated, cannot be true, she can’t even be close! when he interrupted my confused thoughts and said: “she cannot be human, she must be… ”

A devil? I said.

“Both, a Devil and an Angel and both are so real, and she’s so… both! and the thing is that she knows.. she knows that she’s evil and how innocent her soul is. she knows her weaknesses and does not allow me to get close to them but would be overwhelmed and happy if I do, I suppose. but until then, she’s defensive and offensive keeping her own weaknesses and secrets untouched, unseen.. there must be a key”

are you in Love? I asked.

“I wish i am and I wish I’m not.. it’s not easy, you know.. It’s not easy to fall and damn its so simple and spontaneous falling in love with her. she cares like a mother and punishes like a lover. she loves like a goddess and dreams like a bird, so wild and free!”

are you dreaming? I thought, loud.

He laughed and said: ” I bet I am.. no matter what I do, she can never be mine.. She’s simply no one’s.. only God knows..”

I smiled and looked away.

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