One Girl Revolution

Sometimes men take women for granted.. thinking they can disappear and come back whenever they want.. even if it was only emotionally disappearance.. sometimes they go with assumptions.. that women will always be there.. will always care and will always wait.. sometimes they misuse the trust given to them, thinking that it’s a lifetime guaranteed..

While they do that, they disrespect her.. they tell her in a way or another how so not cherished she is.. how unwanted she is.. and while they do all that; there’s another man who wishes to kiss the ground beneath her feet.. who knows how an amazing woman she is.. and how a great mother she can be.. there’s another man who looks from afar and says: If only i was a lucky man, i would be her man.. i would be her king and servant.. i would be whatever makes her smile..

But being the woman she is.. she will stay faithful to that light at the end of the tunnel.. the light she made up out of nothing.. because she loves with everything she is and everything she got..

All that and more, makes her nothing but stronger and maturer, and with time she learned to appreciate herself, to love herself more.. to be, for once, a little bit selfish and cares about herself..

Then he returns .. with the name of the love he’s always had but never treated well.. with the name of all the years he was and wasn’t around.. but it shall take him a time to realize that it needs as much as effort to bring her love to the surface, to light up the candle that he put down.. and to bring her attention back.. It will need more effort to make her believe the word “I Love you” cause he taught her before that it’s just another word.. and now she knows for sure.. to care; it requires actions.. not just dreaming about her at night and forget what it was when he opens his eyes in the early morning..

And sometimes it’s as simple (hard) as getting up from bed every morning.. deciding to live forever with the one your mind knows is the best and you’re heart knows she’s the woman of your heart.. and your soul wants to live with forever.. but still, sometimes we’re too lazy about it.. so we lose.

The wound in her heart may be healed by the softness and care of someone else’s heart, and may never be healed.. but the lesson is well learned..

She’s stronger, maturer, independent, cherished by all, loved by many, and smarter than you… She’s a Woman.

5 thoughts on “One Girl Revolution

  1. Ok, we deserved that :D.
    Nice post, realistic & true to be honest; men tend to mistreat women in all kinds of levels. We should be locked(+ throw the key away) :).

    Another twist to the whole thing is the “allowing” women give to men, if they take it once; it`s going to keep coming up more and more. I think they should stop such practices once they appear.


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