May 21, 1864 – A Day and a Prayer

It’s a day we remember every single day, a day we cannot take out of our heads.. our ancestors who forever live in our hearts.. a land that our souls visit every night..

A day where injustice won and justice cried itself to deep sleep. after over a hundred years of defending the land, the right, the spirit and what held all these together for thousands and thousands of years.. the strong spirit of the people and that thing that runs with blood but no one can understand, only see through words and actions, traditions, and perfection.. through generations of longing hearts..

You can read about this day, May 21 1864, in history books, wiki links, and other websites and resources.. but here I’m talking about how a day can leave a scar, a day can make all the time and years stand still.. a moment to never forget that a whole nation has been torn apart..

Sighs and cries.. nostalgia to the point of tears falling from eyes to hearts.. watering them with the tears of our brave and forever living ancestors..

To all of them, I kneel and pray.. may your souls rest in peace and may your brave and noble deeds forever stay.. may your grand children return one day.. with unity, peace and freedom.. Amen.

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