Thank You

For whoever lied to me, whoever deceived and never stood up for me.. for whoever I thought was a friend and showed me how they easily stab in the back and did it once and twice.. thanks for whoever i trusted and failed me, over and over again.. just because I trusted their friendship, i trusted the devil inside..

Thanks for who taught me lessons, with tears and sighs.. this is the lesson that can never be erased, never leaves without a scar.. you are the heroes of my journey.. you are the bullet that taught me to pull the trigger, when needed.. taught me to be careless and hard.. taught me to never listen to the heart.. to never trust and never believe the lies..

Thank you.. a million times.. you taught me that whenever love dies, it grows, whenever I get hurt, a thousand reasons to heal.. and whenever I’m alone, someone is thinking of me.. and whenever i break down, i stood stronger than before.. and whenever i’m fooled, I’m smarter.. whenever i’m stabbed in the back, my back gets tougher and my knife sharper.. whenever I look down, I’m closer to the stars..

Thank you for the greatest lessons in life.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Amazing…

    Thank you for introducing to us the [Warrior] in you !!!
    and remember quoting me (دعاية) 😀

    النسر لا يحصي الحشرات الهائمة في طريقه الى قمة الجبل

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