I prayed.. life to be more exciting, more inviting and happier.. but life was just fair.. and I still love it the way it is.

How can I not love it.. how can I not fall in love over an over again.. with everything it takes and everything it gives (back).

I used to say, life is a beautiful b*tch.. it can strike you down at some points, can take the most precious off you. the most loved, the most beautiful.. like a lost man in lost arms; leaves you yearning..
but just then, it’s as beautiful as giving you even more than all it took, makes it up to you with her beauty and funny ways of helping you to rise again and again.. to want more of it.. to live it and love it.. to the point that you forget, that even happiness, pleasure and satisfaction comes with a price.

What else can you do but live it.. enjoy it, be patient with it.. and simply love it.
and then one day you will look back and say: It was not one single thing that brought me happiness and satisfaction.. it was not one single thing that made me what i am now.. it was all together that is still living within me.. with no regrets.. and if I had the chance, would live it all over again.. with the ups and downs, with the happiness n sadness, with the joy and grief, with the successes and mistakes.. and with everyone i ever knew.. who helped me be the person I am..

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