BAJD : Amman

Today is the Blog about Jordan Day and when I think about Jordan, the first thing comes to my mind is Amman.

A city that holds the very old and very new. Very old city, buildings, streets, people, minds, thoughts, traditions and the modern version of all that in the same city. few kilometers from each. isn’t it amazing? Isn’t is amazing how even the modern people of Amman still hold some of the old because something is Amman is eternal and can never die.

I just Love Amman and this year’s post will be about this City i miss even when i’m in it, driving to work everyday looking around like a first time tourist and adoring everything about it.. taking pictures and exploring it.. loving it over and over again.. ❤

Wandering the streets of Amman is something interesting,, seeing people faces.. matching stories and enjoying the "noises" around.. and there won't be onetime that you'd not have an incident or new experience out of this.. every time it's something new.. every time something interesting happens.. ❤

Down town Amman is like a million story in your head but still makes a perfect sense and harmony .. Amman, the simple and yet complicated.. the small but yet so huge..

The City that I miss even while walking its streets.

Hugs and kisses to My lovely city.. Amman.. to the ancient ruins and modern buildings that makes the very new Amman.. the old Amman that still pulls itself to even stronger roots..

Amman ❤

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