Hell or Hell

This is still a choice. We still can chose between two similar things and yet they’re totally different. hell with someone or hell without them. hell being near or hell being away.. what’s your choice? Don’t let me know. write it on a paper and fold it. open it after 10 years of your choice and let me know if your hell became heaven. it might anyway.

Life takes weird directions sometimes.. giving you choices that dont make sense.. and then take them back leaving you with none! but just then, another door opens. another ray of light shines on your cheeks and you smile.. you smile because you know this happiness. temporary, maybe but then who knows. who would tell heaven from hell.. cuz sometimes, what you see is just a reflection or some kind of a form of some thoughts and feelings. some dreams and maybe not.

What am i doing? and where am i going? like a 15 year old again.. believing in the stars and their blinding bright.. believing that tomorrow might not be another lie.. what happened to my wise mind.. to my broken heart. or is it spring already.. when all the broken leaves heal itself, and sun touches every inch of this earth.. embracing life and existence.. for this also might not be too real.. enjoy the moment she says.. take it step by step she advices.. but what i tell the spring blossoms on trees.. that cant wait to see the light.. and cant wait to evolve into fruits..

Then summer will come.. after every spring.. to burn the field and dry out the fruits.. and every dream every little girl and little boy had.. cuz after summer, there’s always a cold winter that might not be as it seems.. and might turn the ice to a burning coal.. but again, sometimes its just a fairy-tale we like to believe.. we make up to believe and live with it.. and sometimes it just might work…

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