Jordan Government Review for 2010

I was thinking the other day, how does every government assess itself considering great accomplishments and great failures. I was also wondering if there is such thing in the first place. so decided whether there is or not, I will be a good Jordanian and help my government with a creative assessment.

Below, I will be listing the major failures (not mentioning the hidden corruption) and good accomplishments that reaches the news – This post will be updated according to the creativity of our government.

Failures:العاهل الاردني يحل مجلس النواب ويأمر باجراء انتخابات نيابية مبكرةتقرير رسمي يكشف خللا في تقدير الإيرادات والنفقات في موازنة 2010الوزاره تسحب النتائج من الانترنتالحكومة الأردنية تؤكد وجود اختلاس في وزارة الزراعة


– @MayorOfAmman meets with people every month and every other Saturday on Radio, listening to people and solving issues. Great Job. – بدران : تخفيض مكافآت موظفي التربية الى النصف – انخفاض وفيات حوادث السير الى 50 % الشهر الماضي

I need a little help here 🙂

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2010

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