The Man who Never Died

The man, the father, the brother, the mentor, the friend, the husband and the King..

No words to describe the loss we felt today and every day like today since 1999. I remember exactly how it was. how i felt and how was everyone around me.

As Jordanians, we were so attached to his majesty king Hussein (RIP), for his kindness, his dedication, and most of all, his said and done word “الإنسان أغلى ما نملك”, the love he gave to his people and the love he got back was beyond words and the tragic day of him leaving this world had left a hole in our hearts. we still miss him and will always do.

With all that, it was hard to believe that there will be a king to this country or anywhere else as amazing as King Hussein’s soul and spirit. I was only 16 year old when we heard the tragic news. although it was somehow expected but still as tough and sad. I still remember every bit of that day, the first time i see my father sheds a tear. It was hard to see all that and to imagine that soon there will be a king to replace all this and whether he would be as great as all King Hussein was and somehow still.

Eleven years now, and since the day he started his Job as a King of Jordan; his majesty King Abdullah II is still focused on the duties and the critical responsibility of the position his majesty was put in. Already got his the love of people with his kindness, determination and hard work. with the positive change he brought and the economic rise to the country that its only resource is Jordanians and their hand in hand efforts with their king to bring Jordan to the upper next level.

Not just socially, King Abdullah II took Jordan steps forward in IT, economic, political, Islamic and many other areas of development. The modern Jordan today has always been weak in energy resources but was, is and will always be the place that believes in Jordanians and what they can do, the potentials they hold and the dreams they make true.

If King Hussein (RIP) can hear me now, I would tell him that he never died, the memory will remain forever, the good deeds will stay within this country and the King he gave us is already loved and his people are proud.

May your soul rest in peace, King of hearts..
May our King Abdullah II, live long enough to see Jordan where he wants it to be and where Jordanians long to be.

God Bless Jordan.

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