The thing that i was thinking of early this morning is parenthood in Arab world and in western world.

Let’s say there are the happy couple who are expecting a baby here in the Arab world.. their life change of course and preparations start. but the question is, what are they thinking of, their hopes, prayers and wishes?
Most of couples would pray for their kid to be a good one, successful and heathy and most important, good to his/her parents!
Have they ever thought if they would be good parents? capable of providing what their child needs? good education, health and all that? have they ever thought of the moment their kid will go to school meet the good and bad guys and how they can protect them from this cruel world outside? have they thought of all this and more?
or is it just the kid’s responsibility to be a good kid by their own?
If i ever got married and pregnant i’d rather have a boy, and make him as tough as this life is but as gentle as a woman’s heart. but if a girl i would be really scared that someone would hurt her feelings, someone would lie to her or maybe tell her she’s not pretty or if she loves someone and they dont love her back, then her heart would be broken. what if she got married to the wrong guy? 😦

I know you gonna say now same goes to the boys but its never the same. the boy gets hurt and maybe heart broken but the hurt wont be as deep as if its a girl. we’re more sensitive and delicate, it’s easy to break our heart. (most of girls)
Even Prophet Mohammad said “استوصوا بالنساء خيرا” ” and in many other occasions he mentioned the importance of taking care of women if they were mothers, daughters or wives.

Back to our main topic, parenthood. In islam, there are lists of parents’ obligations toward their kids as well as Children’s obligations toward their parents. which both are missing nowadays in the Arab/Islamic societies, unfortunately.

In western societies, I see most parents freak out when expecting a baby, will they be good parents, will they provide what the kid needs, will they have enough money to get them to good schools, will they be able to answer the kids’ questions, etc.
This is the way that parents should think i believe, not backward, not what I’m expecting from the kid, but that this little baby need us to give and do our best to be at their expectations.

The other day, Mom showed me some puzzles she got us when we were kids and was keeping until we grow up and see what we did nice when we were kids. I told her: “you’re a great Mom, I remember also the books you got us even before we were born, politics, stories, science, and everything we would think of. thank you mom” and I was amazed at what she replied: “I hope I didn’t disappoint you” I had tears at how kind her heart is, how amazing her soul and the generosity that has no ends. Love you Mommy :*

For all the parents in the world, for all the couples expecting a baby, and for all the future parents, “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later” ~ Og Mandino

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