It’s Just a flash of light

Sometimes you ask yourself.. where have you gone wrong (or right).. when did you fall off track.. and what was that made you go astray.. lost in the high and low tides of life..

you look around and count your friends, count your years and your accomplishments or not.. and fail to know where have you gone normal.. you were born special, you were born unique but then something just happened..

Time is running out… how far have you reached of all your childhood dreams? or have the glamorous and sometimes painful life replaced them with attainable but yet not so lasting hopes, wishes and dreams?

When you say childhood dreams.. do they mean to stay childhood? at the age of a child and as small as we saw the world back then.. I don’t even remember what was my dream.. I guess life took me that far from where I wanna be and where I once dreamed to be.. for what? flashes of light.. like a cat jumping up and down, here and there trying to catch the spot light. but the cat is still the cat and is still where it was when its eyes first caught the light..

How far before this cat realizes that it’s just a light.. what really counts is not that.. it’s something else, somewhere else..

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