My 2009 highlights!

Here are some highlights of my 2009…

1- Started very well and then very down time but could get myself up again el7amdellah in one week with the help of Allah, family, and friends.
2- Lebanon trip – Skidoo for the first time. so much fun!!
3- Gym for the first time but never went more that twice! moved to 2010 resolution :p
4- Had cancer check and Colonoscopy but thankfully all was good (didnt take results back to doctor but i felt good about them!).
5- My very first Wisdom tooth taken out! woohoo! (yeah after 26 years!)
6- USA trip – NYC, Atlantic City, Fresno (Family), DisneyLand, Hollywood, Seattle (Mai and Samer Qwaider).
7- Had a car accident that made me have to go to court and deal with mean people!
8- Egypt trip – Cairo and Alexandria. loved them both!
9- New friends, lovely ones. (on twitter and few others), you guys rock! πŸ™‚
10- Some work achievements that made me, my managers and directors very happy.
11- iPhone after hating it for a long time!
12- Wadi Rum camping with friends, Amazing!
13- Got a mitsubishi outlander. something i’ve always wanted (4×4)
14- Won at the desk decoration competition at work – second place πŸ™‚
15- Had another car accident on new year’s eve! but didnt let it ruin my night!
16- As a result, 2009 was good and bad with an average rating of excellent πŸ™‚ I’m very thankful and feel gratitude for the lovely family and friends I have around. Thankful for the health and success. and for all the happiness I feel inside πŸ™‚

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