Future and Life

Don’t we all wish we can have a glimpse of our future? don’t we wish we just know where and with who? like 5 or 10 years from now?

Future is very mysterious sometimes, very promising no matter how gloomy and dark it gets,, its like full of corners, and you never know what’s behind the corner.. full of surprises and thoughtful ideas and interesting people.

staying awake all night, trying to think,, of something, one thing.. but its like my thoughts keep going so many different directions, and at last meet here, in this night, not an hour later or one earlier.. just the current state of my mind.. sometimes i think its idle and sometimes i feel like it just never stops thinking.. mostly of silly things.. like this post! just watching myself from outside ,, thinking hard of the future and see nothing.. i really dont know if this is a good or bad thing.. i dont know what to expect from life.. as i expect everything! yeah exactly, very greedy! i want it all! all this life has and all this life can give. the happiness, sadness and craze..

isnt life tricky? ironic? gives you happiness within sadness and hell within heaven.. whats the deal anyway? is this the way to enjoy life? i do think so. if you’re not willing to go through heaven and hell, tears and laughter and all the phases and opposites, then what’s life for? as happiness alone is boring.. getting all you want is too easy.. are you too easy? cause this is all i want..


2 thoughts on “Future and Life

  1. Seeing the future is a total destruction of it! Seeing glimpse can be very tricky as well! Lets just live our time and forget about the future! Of course this doesn’t mean to live like animals, or without planning for the future!

    But lets give the future its proper time that will sooner or later come =)

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