Bedtime Thoughts…

Everyone of us, every now and then, needs something or someone to poke his mind and challenge it. to inspire it and rise it up, with thoughts, ideas and new dimensions, and i think only then, we’re free.

Nothing beats a free mind, that can see different angles of every thing and still think there’s more, and keeps asking and wondering.. nothing beats wondering and never find a certain answer. mankind will keep looking and thinking of answers and dare to think it’s found. but nothing ever is and nothing ever will. all just assumptions and thoughts. all just guesses and bluffing.. but then what else are we living for?

First words from God were said to Prophet Mohammad: “Eqra’a” : “Read”, but not just read, it was followed by some thoughts, also think and wonder of all that is around you, above and below you.. and even what you are unable to see, for it is there and it is real.

A believer or not, a philosopher or not, you have that moment in your life to stop and think, think deep of something, as “simple” as who are we? and what are we doing here? and how we got to what we are now?

Evil souls and innocent hearts.. living together and ignoring the facts. for what are the facts except some thoughts that a man bet they were right.. and someone else didnt dare to prove them wrong.. yet!


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