Whenever people are taught great ideals, they start feeling dirty and guilty. Because those ideals are foolish and impossible; nobody can fulfill them.

With ideals, no matter what you do, you always fall short, you are always a failure, because the ideal is impossible. It is inhuman. They call it “superhuman” it is inhuman! But it becomes a self­-torture, and then whatever you do is wrong. That’s what can cre­ate trouble for you. So drop ideals and just be.

Become a realist. Once you become a realist, everything seems to be just beautiful and perfect. When you don’t have any ideal of perfection, everything is perfect because there is nothing with which to compare and condemn it.

I don’t see anything to condemn. But for centuries the mind has been conditioned to condemn. That’s a great strategy in the hands of the politician and the priests–they create guilt inside you, and then they can manipulate you. To manipulate a human being is the worst crime one can commit.


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