I Pray Your Heaven is Warm

missing the people we love hurts so much..
like a knife with every breath..
especially when you cannot bring them back..

they hunt you in your dreams..
they smile if you want them to..
they are real if you believe..

there’s no easy way to say this..
there’s no memory without pain..
except the ones with you..

they were heaven and earth..
they were real and a fantasy that couldn’t last
Why couldn’t you last?

November reminds me of you.. because it reminds me of me..
who i am and where i wanna be..
rain reminds me of your voice… and when you look at me it’s like a thunder.. with a constant lightning
and the warmth of the fire in winter, reminds me of your love.. cold from outside but burning from the inside..

why couldn’t you last?
why fire had to be put down.. and why lightning had to go dark..
where are the stars when we lose our way? and where are the smiles when we’re cold..
where are you when I need you the most?

I pray your heaven is warm…

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