The Jordanian Dream

What is it? and also does it differ from boys to girls? yeah i think so..

Guys in Jordan dream of many things:
1- Cool gf while in school that he wouldnt mind shower her with gifts and mobile prepaid cards.
2- cool car to brag among his friends.
3- good job that never comes and the one they find sucks their blood and preferably in the gulf. aka Dubai.
4- Marriage, although he knows it will suck the hell out of him but he’s happy somehow. because his mother won’t nag anymore, his dad would think his son became a man, finally! and sex. then all his dreams come to an end!! a black end.
5- The ultimate dream, that would be a perfect substitute for all the above is to move out of Jordan. Having the Jordanian dream somewhere else. aka USA!
most of guys dream or “don’t mind” the American citizenship. especially teenagers and a little older than teens. “bedna nfee3!! bedna nshoof el denya!! bedna masare!!” anyway, they have a point i think.. what they gonna do here? fight with the routine?

Girls dreams are way easier and simpler!!
1- good grades n good school
2- fix herself a rich boy so he can get her gifts to brag among her friends.
3- getting engaged just to wake up and see a ring in her finger!
4- get married in a fancy hotel hall.. fancy car.. fancy home and stupid husband!
5- ultimate dream is having a happy marriage! a fairy-tale!! well, there is a happy marriage i think, when one realize that there’s also downs just like there are ups. which is not the topic here..

Of course this is not all… some have other dreams too.. like dreaming at night :p nah.. you know what i mean..

4 thoughts on “The Jordanian Dream

  1. Jano,
    Interesting post…not sure about the Jordanian Dream in the US, lol! As it is, we’re having enough trouble trying to sustain our economy…jeez, this is gonna only get worse :/

    How’s everything, haven’t been here in a while! Hope it’s all good!

  2. hey Matt, been a while! πŸ™‚

    this is a sarcastic post hehe tho it has a little of truth inside..

    everything’s goin good.. i think economy crisis will take some time.. so hang in there πŸ™‚

    how are things with you?

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