Metal Music in Jordan

The reputation of metalheads in Jordan is not so pretty because of who? government? parents? or metalheads themselves?

I started to listen to rock and metal music when I was 15 year old so that is like 11 or 12 years ago. went to metal gigs in Amman and enjoyed the live music with friends but it’s been awhile since i been to one.

Some, not all, metalheads in Jordan change their attitude, outfit and style just because they listen to metal. is this even necessary? to show others that you’re tough and listen to rock and metal? holding your guitar because it’s a must. piercing and tattoos, taking drugs, and getting drunk, etc. I’ve seen people change and I’ve seen people under drugs and alcohol just to enjoy this, and still, they hardly enjoy the music!

I’ve seen metal heads in Jordan under drugs, drunk and heard that they steal things at gigs. actually, my friend’s cam once was stolen, back in 2001 maybe, and i still can’t forget this incident. I didn’t pay attention when I should have and it was stolen. when i went to university next day, I asked friends of friends if they saw a vid cam at the gig. i was shocked when he said “I’ll ask the guys if they took one but I dont remember they mentioned vid cam” this was one of the gigs that i will never forget. and i think a story worth mentioning maybe because i think of it from time to time.. and still cannot believe how stealing things can be that normal to them!

So back to metalheads.. this is the bad example of metalheads in Jordan.. but just like any other group or fans.. there are the bad and the good. other friends I met because of this mutual interest in music were really amazing.. they listen to metal but do not take it as a life style.. it’s just a music that they enjoy.. their looks are really normal like any other people.. their attitude is very cool.. and everything else. and most important, they don’t worship Satan!

I personally think piercing and tattoos are not so cool but if that makes them happy then be it! but drugs and getting drunk are really out of question. so be careful because it’s not just hurting yourself. it might hurt others too!

After all these years and people i met, i still listen to metal along with other things. almost everything, from um kalthoum to metal! from arabic to english, french and russian. All…

People need to realize that Metal Music is just another kind of music.. both metal heads and other people who do not listen to this kind of music really need to. so stop being childish metalheads and start being open minded other people 🙂


5 thoughts on “Metal Music in Jordan

  1. I totally agree, I think metal is a huge stress reliever, although it is loud, but it calms you down, I have a post on my blog about how hard it was to get heavy metal tapes when i was young, I remember listening to the same tape for months until i memorize the whole thing please check my blog if you like, and great post 🙂

  2. i think what gave metal music this bad reputation is the newspapers in the 90’s when they linked metal music with satanic cults, back then it was really hard to get any metal music, it was like a treasure back then to have some cassettes of judas priest and iron maiden.
    in recent day, the way some people wearing and acting (like talking in a heavy voice always) gave metal music really a bad name!! and what is worse is that they don’t know any of the good or old bands, i feel they are only riding the wave

  3. first metal music is dead (yeah, “grunge” killed it ) fact. ^^
    + i think it’s just a way of showing resistant, that >im not like you i’ll never be like you, i dress different, i look different, and i lsn to music you can’t even lsn to. HUH in your face! < thats it
    i like metal music (heavy metal to be exact) but i used to lsn to punk hardcore music more (the fashion these days) and now i lsn to almost all kind of genres (except Arabic xP ) so it's just a STATE!

    yeah, and it amazes me how some people get so caught up in genres and superiority that it limits what they lsn to.

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