Marketing and Advertisement in Jordan

A lot is going on in Jordan, cultural events, business, festivals, Concerts, exhibitions, etc. some we know about, and some comes and goes without a notice.

Advertising to an event, no matter what it is, should be really thoughtful and creative. otherwise, no one would hear of it and only few, if lucky, will attend. so what is missing in advertisement business in Jordan? especially when an international company or organization is sponsoring that particular event. why it doesn’t reach a wide range of people.

Some websites, organizations, and people started to take care of this, and started to realize the need of a better events advertising and marketing in Jordan. which is really appreciated.

Some of them are: , WAW Al-Balad magazine and couple of more I believe.

We still need a centralized and powerful announcement, marketing and advertising for all events in Jordan. and preferably organized by both the government and private sectors so we have all events covered. might also include buying tickets online and reservations, more about Jordan of course, restaurants, theaters, and other things that would help Jordanians and tourists.

This is a business idea for whoever interested 🙂

P.S, if we already have this in Jordan, I don’t know about it, probably because of poor advertising :\

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