And I fall in Love with 17 hippies

Have you ever heard a tone and just by hearing it, it made you smile.. made your soul smiles? have you ever seen a smile that made your smile go even wider and warmer? Have you ever been to a gig and never wanted to go home?

After couple of speeches at Al-Hussein Center’s theater and a short interesting documentary about fall of the Berlin wall and a Jordanian band, Sign of thyme, performed couple of songs that were quite nice.. A German band that i never heard their songs before got up on stage. they were thirteen with so many different instruments.. I did not expect anything to be honest, i thought it would be like the Jordanian band style. but then came the surprise!

They were playing folk music and interesting tone that made me smile right away.. and what made my smile go wider and warmer is their smiles.. they play with a smile.. walking around while playing their instruments singing, dancing and interacting..

I don’t know what made me fall in love with them, their music? them being cool people? their smiles? their songs that moved me? their different kinds of music n songs but at the end the same amazing style? the energy that went from them into us.. or the accordion guy? :p jk! they were all nice and amazing!

I hope they can make it to Jordan, again, soon..

Here some 🙂

2 thoughts on “And I fall in Love with 17 hippies

    wish i can let them come for my wedding!! they can make the best party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i REALLY! didnt want the concert to end!!

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