Government and Quality

Only here you can find both words in one line. why? is it because of the low salaries, lack of encouragement, carelessness of the higher management? ignorance of the people in charge? irresponsibility? wrong/right person on the wrong chair? or what?

How can we improve the public sector, and reach to a good quality service at the government offices, schools, hospitals, etc? does King Abduallah has to wear a mask every now and then? what is needed so people become aware of the problem we have and try to fix it?

The idea that troubles me every time i think about it is that people working at the public sectors and especially those who are in a direct contact with people, do not realize that they are going to need another department and stand in line for hours for the employee to tell them “come back tomorrow” and tomorrow “sorry its not here” or just realize that this will reflect the image of himself, his department, organization and his country! must realize the importance of what he’s doing.. or not.

I had an incident where i’ve been told “come back sunday” I told him I’m traveling (i really was but not sunday) so anyway, he said he cannot get me the file that day, so i just stood at the corner with the requested form in my hand and waited. people came and left and the answer was one for all “come back Sunday” after waiting like 20 minutes or so, he finally gave up and gave me that file to copy and get it back to him. when i did he asked: “Now, are you really traveling Sunday? 🙂

So please, public sectors, think of the person in front of you, and imagine yourself asking for help or a paper to be given or anything needed..

Let’s have an ideal government organizations with the help of people themselves.. regardless to who’s wrong and who’s thief, who’s where and who’s not! why not to start from the bottom and fix 🙂 start with yourself. weather a public or private sector.

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