Nov 9, 2005


When I look back at this date, I remember the fear, the worry, the tears and I remember how an ugly thing like Bombings in that night brought all Jordanians together. It was some bricks and rocks that took with them some precious souls. happy faces were gone but at the same time.. a greater tougher wall has been built. the minute these rocks fell down. All Jordanians stood side by side, hand in hand to consolidate each other and to build again what been brought down.

I was at a friend’s place when we heard that a wedding party turned down, the ceiling went down on people. my friend knew some people at that wedding, friends and relatives. While i was driving back home, got a call that it was at another hotel too. the same one that one of my best friends work at. but this time it was confirmed bombings to three hotels. I still remember how i felt at that particular moment. Actually, i still feel the same when i remember. and i don’t think i will ever forget. felt like i was attacked. tried to call him. and tried to call his parents who were living at the same area. no answer. I kept calling and calling but still nothing. wanted to go there but they warned that no one can get close to that area. hours of waiting in fear and tears. hours of not knowing what was going on. and what happened to our dear ones.

At that particular night, we didn’t care who did it and how or why, we just wanted to make sure our loved ones were just fine and breathing. my friend called later. and said he’s Ok. but i still remember the weeks after that. he was in a shock all the time, of what he has seen and what could have been. he walked to the other office in the hotel 1 minute or less from the bombings away from where it happened. thank god over and over again.
God bless all lost souls and may they rest in peace. we’ll never forget them.

Jordan has been brought together, Jordanians became stronger, and became more determined to stay this way.

God bless Jordan and Jordanians.

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