Customer Service in Jordan

Spending all my life in Jordan, traveling here and there from time to time, shopping from everywhere, on and off line, all that and more, made me wonder.. and ask a big question that for sure been asked before. What level of customer support and service do we have in Jordan?

Customer service is a huge deal, not just answering phones, emails or listen to the customer. it’s way beyond all that.
Does our customer service in Jordan know that they cannot say “No” to a customer? do they know that almost everything should be possible to customers? if not now, should be taken as a note and studied for future better service? Do they know that if they cannot sort out an issue, it should be escalated to higher level not say “I don’t know”? and the list goes on..

The more important question is, how much a company is willing to give attention and pay for a better Customer service department? better customer service.. are they aware of the importance of this department to the image of the whole company? how close do managers and owners monitor the quality of their customer support departments?

If you’re a business owner or not, we’re all customers at the end. and we DO need a better customer service in Jordan.

So in general, from 1-10 where 10 is the best, where is our customer service in Jordan?

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