My New Blog and the simple life…

This is my new blog dear followers.. still directs here.. but i wanted less features .. in an effort to live simply.. nah not really. I just had this one for a long time and never used it but love to have so anyway.. there you go 🙂

Also, talking about living the simple life.. I was thinking couple of days ago, I love the city and hanging out with friends and all that but what i really want is to live far from the city.. in a farm.. where i have a horse and a dog.. two dogs actually.. where a car passes by the area like twice a day.. clean air, clean water, clean everything.. away from the pollution of the city. but how can this be possible here. it is not.. what are the options?

4 thoughts on “My New Blog and the simple life…

  1. Congratulations.. again 😉
    we all seek that simple life, where one can find the peace of life and can enjoy the little details 🙂
    thank god i have like this simple life back in the family home where no noise and having a full day in the garden with the sounds of the birds and having my breakfast from what we grow, guess i’m lucky to have what some people dream of 🙂

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