The Balance

In religion, love, school, work, shopping, eating, drinking, fun, and almost everything. we need to be balanced.

I’m one of the people who used to go for extremes, extreme love and extreme hate. nothing existed in between. then i learned to be something else, a little of everything.

religion does not say don’t have fun, and fun doesn’t say screw yourself! work doesn’t say to be workaholic and laziness doesn’t say to not even move. eating and drinking doesn’t say to be overdosed with it and the opposite doesn’t mean hunger.

When you find the balance with everything you do, when you don’t push yourself way too much nor pull it way too much, you’ll find something different, you’ll see something different and you’ll live easier. you’ll be a friend with your mind and everything you need from life. you’ll find everything is achievable and workable.

When extreme, you will surely miss something, you will surely have to choose between this or that.. and whatever you pick, sometimes, you still would want the thing you never had. And even in extreme and balance, be balanced.. sometimes you just gotta throw yourself in extremes, but know how to get back and be balanced again…

Be nothing and everything, this is the extreme balance 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Balance

  1. that’s totally true, cannot agree more 🙂
    i’ve tried this before and it worked, but there is only one problem, it’s how to reach that balance after that life will be much easier

  2. I agree in principle, yet I’ve been always a person of extremes. There is this thrill, adrenaline rush that comes when you push yourself for instance at work or entrepreneurship to the extreme. Yet, after every extreme experience you need to balance things out eventually not to burn your self out.

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