FlashForward – What did you see?

Have you ever wished for a glimpse of the future? we all did.. we all want to see just what it would be like maybe 10 years from now. or at least with where and who!

How about we all black out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and during that, we see our future.. not very far future, but 6 months ahead, like we’re somewhere with someone we haven’t ever met, or we’re saying things that, now, do not make any sense to us, or maybe Nothing! maybe because we’ll be dead! Some see positive flash and some see negative but the thing is, how we react to them. it might change your whole life for good or bad..

The other point is, why that happened? and who caused it? Can you change fate? and more important, how to know these answers.

Flashforward, is a new series on ABC with three episodes so far. the idea is that for 2 minutes and 17 seconds everyone, everywhere blacked out with a dream of what they would be doing after exactly 6 months. because of that, there were major crashes, accidents, fires, etc.. globally!. some people died and some people couldn’t finish their suicide! FBI investigations found that during the blackout, there was a man awake in a baseball stadium, looked around and walked away. at the same time, there were few phone calls have been made into the blackout. FBI agent, Mark, saw himself, in his own dream, investigating this specific case at his office and when he woke up, started to collect evidences and clues according to what he saw and then incidents started to happen after everyone’s awake leading to what they saw.

Very interesting so far, watch it live at ABC or download episodes once available from here.

6 thoughts on “FlashForward – What did you see?

  1. if someone can see the future, well it might turn be a curse for him,
    i think the people who created this show are trying to answer some questions about fate and destiny, i’m gonna give it a shot and watch it 🙂

  2. thats kinda true.. even in the show.. some of them began to change and react negatively because they saw what would happen and was not comforting..

    let me know what you think after you see it 🙂

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