Lost, Found and Lost Again

It’s not the show, its not the map or directions.. it’s a state of mind.

You wake up in the morning and sometimes ignore these thoughts.. those feelings your soul cries out for.. and go on wash your face, like it would stop the voices and wash your soul away.. it’s not working but then you just ignore.

You get out of your home and begin your day, your searching for something unknown and unseen. Look around and fake some smiles, fake some words and it hits you in the middle of the day, “there’s something missing. there’s something that is not here” but where? and more important, When? but sooner you ignore, yet again! these thoughts and go on with your daily fake.. daily headache and pain. sometimes you feel it and sometimes you just, yes, ignore!

Then late at night, you sit alone, if you’re lucky enough, and explore this inner self you ignored for so long. and it hits you that you’re LOST. you have a lot but not what you really need, not what you’re hoping for or what you expect out of this world. you want to change the world, you want to change your life or one thing at least but too afraid.  cause keeping what you already have is better than trying and losing it all. you think and frown.

You still want to change something, many things or everything. but instead, you sleep. you ignore and shut these voices of your soul and put them to sleep.. and simply ignore.

One thought on “Lost, Found and Lost Again

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