I Love Her..

It’s been almost 26 years I know her, and from day one she never let me down, she never showed carelessness one single day, she never missed a birthday, she never hurt me. and if she Thinks she did, she cries and says sorry!

Always by my side, especially when I need her. she always smiles when I look at her, with her little cute eyes.. she always says how she’s proud of me and how she’s lucky to have me. wrote me a diary for my first year on this earth. she taught me what I could not learn anywhere else. got me all kinds of books since I was a little, from baby stories to books of science and politics. got me into swimming and karate. got me my first guitar. first computer while all my cousins were still having their video games and game boy. and the list goes on! She gives and never asks for anything in return, not even love.

She’s an example of an Angel not a woman or a mother. I’m convinced no mother ever did what mine have done so far. all the sacrifices and tears, all the love and care, all the feelings and emotions, and everything in between..

Mama, As you turn 58 today, I wanna say that I’m so lucky and God loves me for sure. having a mother like you, is just a dream that came true! Allah ytawel be 3omrek and may all your dreams come true like you made mine so. may you keep your nice spirit and good health until last day. may you always have your angelic smile on your face.

Happy Birthday for the most beautiful woman inside out.. ā™„

10 thoughts on “I Love Her..

  1. This is the third mother post I read today, just as I’m about to leave back to Jordan and I’m going to miss mom :(.
    Happy Birthday to your mom šŸ˜€ and love to moms everywhere!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom šŸ™‚ Gotta love them moms, God’s gift to mankind. I wish I was born a woman so I can be a MOTHER bas el7amdella 3a kol 7al šŸ™‚

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