Bathrooms of the Future

1- Nice designs for the future.
– The one in the middle is Japanese influence bathroom. relaxing. The one at the right is a kind of Bath with Music with a very neat design.

2- Touch-sensitive controls:
2- Touch-sensitive controls lets you program — and save — your favorite volume and temperature settings! Cost: $3,130

3- Kitchen tech warms bath towels:
– This one is officially Awesome! Dacor, a manufacturer of kitchen appliances, adapted its indoor/outdoor oven warming drawer — the electronic components tolerate moisture — to bathroom use. The 24-inch drawer can be faced with a custom panel to match cabinets or you can use a stainless steel panel. The drawer has four temperature levels and four timer settings so towels will be done to perfection at the moment you need them. Cost: $1,327 with stainless drawer panel.

4- TV and warm towels:
– The Aquavision Towel Rail TV combines two essentials of the bath of the future: warm towels and entertainment. When you’re not watching the waterproof 17-inch LCD television, it is a mirror. Cost: $4,000 and up.

5- Intelligent toilet:
This One’s FUNNY 😀
– Toto’s “intelligent design” toilet seat uses a microcomputer to unite two traditional bathroom appliances, the toilet and bidet. After using the toilet, you stay seated on the heated digital Washlet seat, which is made of anti-bacterial plastic. Use the remote control unit to direct streams of warm, aerated water onto your body, eliminating the need for paper and reducing the spread of bathroom germs. (Guys use the remote control to lift the seat.) To use the drying cycle, choose one of three temperatures, sending a flow of warm air to dry your skin. The unit automatically self-cleans before and after each use. Most Washlet models have a remote control and docking station and work with any toilet. The premier Washlet S400 is compatible only with select Toto toilets: It flushes the toilet automatically three seconds after the user stands up and its “intuitive” lid closes on its own. Cost: $800 to $1,400.

6- Waterproof media center
THIS IS A NICE “SYSTEM” 😀 and The complete system costs about $4,225!! I’m not sure what they mean by the “complete” , is it what you see is what you get? lol
Make the bath your operations center with the visiPad media station, which gives you access to e-mail, SMS, Internet, telephone, radio, CDs and DVDs. Control the unit with a remote or use the splash-protected touch-screen.

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