Supernatural – Season 5

Dean and Sam Winchester, the very tough and handsome brothers who are wandering around the country in Dean’s black ’67 Chevy Impala, “saving people, hunting things, family business!”.
The trips include Daemons, Vampires, Spirits, Angry Spirits, Lucifer, Angels and evil powers, everything that is Supernatural!

Now that season five is being aired every Thursday on The CW, some people are so excited, like myself!

The best place for fast and reliable torrent download for all supernatural seasons and episodes, even the fresh new ones is Here!

These are the list (up to now) of season five episodes:

Season 5, Episode 1: Sympathy for the Devil
Season 5, Episode 2: Good God, Y’All
Season 5, Episode 3: Free to Be You and Me
Season 5, Episode 4: The End
Season 5, Episode 5: Fallen Idols
Season 5, Episode 6: I Believe the Children Are Our Future
Season 5, Episode 7: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Season 5, Episode 8: Changing Channels

*Will keep updating this page with torrents and episodes once available*

Oh and here is “Eye of the Tiger” by Jensen Ackles ♥ very funny!

Supernatural Jensen Ackles – Eye of the TigerA funny movie is a click away

2 thoughts on “Supernatural – Season 5

  1. currently i only watch it on dubai one TV, no time to download and watch 😦

    i didn’t think that there are girls who loves such shows! i’m sure when you were a little girl you played with toy guns and fire crackers 😉

  2. mahoweh the new season is being aired now.. n yeah im a little off track with girls stuff :p i used to play with cars.. actually my most fav toy is a truck. i still have it since i was 1 year old 🙂

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