Aloneness has in it both a sort of sadness, sorrow and a very deep peace and silence. It depends on you how you look at it.

It can be very difficult to have one’s own space. But unless you have your own space, you will never become acquainted with your own being. You will never come to know who you are. Always engaged, always occupied in a thousand and one things–in relationships, in worldly affairs, anxieties, plans, future, past–one continuously lives on the surface.

When you are alone you can start settling, sinking inward. Because you are not occupied, you will not feel the way you have always been feeling. It will be different; that difference also feels strange. And certainly one misses one’s lovers, one’s friends, but this is not going to be forever. It is just a small discipline.

And if you love yourself deeply and go down into yourself, you will be ready to love others even more deeply, because one who does not know oneself cannot love very deeply. If you live on the surface, your relationships cannot have depth. It is your relationship, after all. If you have depth, then your relationship will have depth.


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