Whenever your mind is doing something that goes against your nature,the unconscious gives you the message–first politely, but if you don’t: listen, nightmarishly.

A nightmare is nothing but the shouting of the unconscious, a cry of desperation that you are going too far away from yourself and you will miss your whole being. Come back home! It is as if a child is lost in the woods and the mother screams and shouts the name of the child.

That is exactly what a nightmare is. So start befriending your dreams. By and by you will see that you and your unconscious are coming closer and closer together. The closer you come, the fewer dreams you will have, because then there is no need for the dream. The unconscious can deliver its message even when you are awake. There is no need for it to wait for when you are asleep; it can give you its message any time.

The closer and closer you come, the more the conscious and unconscious start overlapping. That’s a great experience. You feel, for the first time, one. No part of your being is denied. You have accepted your wholeness. You start becoming whole.


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