Arabs and Romantic Marriage Proposals

For us, people living in this side of the world; romantic proposals for marriage are like one in a million (If lucky!).. or only in Hollywood movies. but still, every girl dreams of that romantic proposal. yet, to her, even “will you marry me” with that trembling voice on the phone or in person is just as romantic!

I don’t remember I ever heard of a nice proposal here in Jordan, all were like “hey listen, i love you and i think we should get married” not the exact words but this is what a girl get of your lame proposal, guys.

I really think women deserve a nice proposal, a very special one. might NOT be with roses, a romantic dinner or not even on your knees, one can be creative. but even with that classic way it would still be very romantic. and yeah, let it be with a ring for once! let’s not make the ring just another marriage expenses. It’s an emotional rather than physical bond..

Another point, just to be fair, guys are afraid of being rejected. no one can predict what’s in a woman’s mind. she can look so sweet and loving, and oh so in love with you but when it comes to marriage, she has other options and expectations. which would be her reasons to say “No”. In this case, I suggest that guys try to know the answer from elsewhere, like someone close to her or asking her indirectly, etc. then make up your mind and plan for your romantic proposal. : )

Here is one super creative proposal!

10 thoughts on “Arabs and Romantic Marriage Proposals

  1. الخطّابة: والله إحنا جايين اليوم نتعرف على بنتكم. بندوّر على عروس لإبننا ممدوح.
    أُم جانو: واللهِ يا جماعة وي هاف ا بريديتيرمند بروسيس تو غو ثرو. إذا ما عندكم مانع، وإذا ما في غلبة هاي عنوان المدونة (a link to this post)

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