Jin Gives Me a Lesson about Ramadan

Just 2.5 hrs before the sunset, Jin teased me with frosted jelly centered BIG donuts he was eating (the same one he used to get me every morning when i was there). and then game me a lesson about Ramadan and the true meaning behind it!
(Jin is my co-worker in the US)

jin: time is up…I need to eat my donuts…

Jano: ur pushin me.. it was just goin out
Jano: the curse
Jano: this is mean jin
Jano: you mention donuts while im fasting

jin: lol..
jin: the good one with the frosting and jelly center…mmmmmmm

Jano: jin 😦
Jano: its serious
Jano: this is too mean

jin: can’t you eat when the sun goes down??

Jano: when the sun goes down yes
Jano: another 2.5 hours

jin: so..not too much longer Jansy…

Jano: yeah so until then.. dont mention food..
Jano: i can kill
Jano: after ramadan tho
Jano: hehe

jin: I thought you are supposed to fast to understand how the poor live and to appreciate what you already have…

Jano: yeah
Jano: that too

jin: YOU can live without donuts for a day!!!

Jano: i can

jino: DO I have to explain all of Ramadan to you???

Jano: thanks for the lesson!

AND when i got a little mean!
Jano: u know how to dial international ? hehe
Jano: (friendly reminder: jano be nice)

jin: mmmm jelly center donuts with the white frosting…
jin: I am sooo full!!!!

Jano: please 😦
Jano: some poor people out there dont have the money of a donut
Jano: ur torturing them.. and me

jin: Friendly reminder (Al-Jinn has to be nice)
jin: now we are even…

2 thoughts on “Jin Gives Me a Lesson about Ramadan

  1. Hey Jin,

    Really nice to talk to you today and really I am happy to see your good side “getting the meaning of fast” but doing this to Jano takes us back the our real Jin.

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