Why I Love Ramadan..

1- it’s a peaceful month, emotionally, for me. I feel peace in the air and everywhere.

2- Time to sit with the family for a whole month! it became harder to spend time together since everyone has different work times and we don’t usually meet at the same time for lunch.

3- dedicated month for prayers and spiritual thoughts. clears the mind and brings me closer to Allah.

4- People helping each other. had many times people knock the door asking for food. i don’t feel good knowing some people out there don’t even have anything to eat. i wish they come everyday, ramadan or not.

5- Food. our meals in Ramadan is complete. unlike the other rapid days we have. in Ftoor we have soup, salads, main dish, drinks, fruits or sweets. this is a complete meal for me.

6- I read Quran more. unlike other days, in ramadan i have time to read Quran and really understand it not just reading a book.

7- extended family gathering, im not the family kinda person but I love the once a year gathering in Ramadan. aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. eating together, playing games and watching tv together.

8- the peaceful streets at sunset. streets are almost empty, houses lights are on and people waiting the call for breakfast/maghreb prayer. such a peaceful moment.

9- TV shows and series. some good ones.

10- Closer to Allah than any other time.

And many other reasons I just feel and cannot explain : )

Happy and peaceful Ramadan to everyone, wherever you are..

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Ramadan..

  1. Happy Ramadan to you as well and i wish you always live in peace and be close to Allah, Either in Ramadan or not.

    I have tried driving before fotor several times before and i know exactly what do you mean, Streets are just so empty and amazing, You can experience the beauty of Amman at that time more.

  2. Ali, thanks 🙂

    واحد صايم, im glad you fast 😀 my case is one hour off out of 9. other companies work much less than that. my problem is to start at 8 am. and as you said last night. the day doesnt seem to be moving!

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