I hate Him

I hate him though i shouldn’t.. I hate him but I’m not supposed to..
With every breath he takes, nothing sounds right. with every action he makes, an evil soul appears.
I’ve never saw him before, just a soul raging sometimes..
I never was so close, the flames burning him were too scary to try..
The pain inside him could speak louder than his voice..
can tell stories and make some noise..
cool on the surface and gentle at the talks..
but something was wrong,, you can tell by one deeper look..
pretending to be the perfectionist and pretending his world is clean..
though the dirt of this universe, is the same dirt in his eyes..
the same dirt he built since ages that leaks out some other nights..
Nothing was meant to be, its what he was led to be, what led him to see and hear..
the aches of the past still wandering around him at night.. the too tortured soul cant let anyone fight..
I hate him with all my heart.. I hate him for the ugly man he is from the inside..
for the fake cool he is from the outside.. and i hate him for the ugly woman he’s turning me to be..


5 thoughts on “I hate Him

  1. i know 😦 if it doesnt hurt me i wouldnt have wrote this.. thanks kinzi.. ur always there when a friend is in need .. means a lot to me. mwah

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