Kids Kill Monsters


I remember when kids where almost naive and simple. I remember when our voices, yells and laughs were all around the neighborhood playing football, hide n seek, skipping, collecting Grasshoppers (which was my fav) but then we used to torture them : ( and other games including Sakhr Computer from evening until next day sometimes, with some cousins spending the night at our house and everyone tells his story about Jinn and Ghosts! i still remember some stories tho.

Nowadays, kids are not the same, they have their own worries.. they have to keep their mobile phone with credit, and pick the right clothes and master the wii.. they barely move or play.. I dont know if I can do it but i dont want my son/daughter to have a mobile until after they finish their high school.. not sure if I can do it but I think ill be a tough mother at least! Today’s kids kill monsters, today’s kids go to malls and do their own shopping! today’s kids worry too much. I dont know if Im sad or happy for them.. i mean life getting easier but at the same time with no values. they need to know how it feels to scream in the neighborhood and how it feels to run as fast as you can after they ring at people’s houses to annoy them : D they need to get tired trying to get as many grasshoppers as they can.. even my mom tried to get us into other things, like enrolling us in Karate, fencing, dancing, swimming, horseback riding and music lessons and even got us Sakhr computer when it first went out (this is the only thing worked out since im an IT girl now lol ).. but we always loved getting dirty in the neighborhood. thanks mama for letting us do that too : )

I want my kids, if i ever had, to get dirty playing around, to scream and laugh and live the life they want, knowing whats wrong and whats right.. I want them to be kids until its time to be someone else..

Good Luck Kids!

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3 thoughts on “Kids Kill Monsters

  1. It’s not really about them having it easy. It’s actually quite difficult to be a child today because there are just so many options to choose from.

    When we were kids we did what you described, and our parents’ generations had their own thing. But we only had THOSE options, and our parents only had THOSE options… every generation, the number of options increase, and the more modern options take precedence.

    Think of it like that. Ayyam zaman, one guy in the whole group had sakhr. We would all gather there and enjoy, then go out for BBQ or whatever. Now, it’s AGONIZING if you’re the ONLY one WITHOUT a Wii. Get the difference?

  2. mab3oos, it will be a generation just like you nickname hehe

    KJ, yeah i got your point but the thing is, the more you have the more you worry.. no? their worries will more complicated i guess.. they have so much to worry about other than their study.. on the other hand, the relations among the family members are fading.. so this is another thing.. it aint easy for them im with ya

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