I heart Horses

horseback riding

When I was a little girl, used to nag and tell my parents that i want a horse.. they used to tell me its not possible! i kept nagging until they told me there was no place for it.. i said we’ll free the guests room its not used anyway and its big! that was the end of conversation that time hehe

Today I went to horseback riding at the Arabian Horse Club – Amman. at first it was really annoying and sad to see them torturing a horse! they hit the horse’s back legs with a large metal pipe! I still feel bad.. the horse didn’t like it of course! and tried to escape, fell on the ground and hurt its teeth.. the man rode the horse again while it was bleeding still! so annoying.. : (
I mean, is this even allowed? can they just do that? To whom should I report? Do we have something in Law for that? Uh.. its just heartbreaking to me!

At last, got a horse and had couple of rounds.. I just love horses.. its really joyful and cool.. Sometimes i feel myself talking with the horse like we know each others language. It also has a pride, this is what I adore about horses. I might sound silly but it’s just something I love and enjoy..

6 thoughts on “I heart Horses

  1. Just saw the other pictures on your facebook account, Looks like you enjoyed it a lot 🙂

    Was the horse going wild ?, Maybe that’s why they had to do that, Maybe there is some reason you won’t understand, The people who own the place probably know about this.

  2. That guy must be shot!

    I love horses too. My dad’s friend owned a ranch, and he had over 30 horses, most of which were beautiful Arabian. I “owned” a horse called Flex and was the most awesome horse in the world.

    RIP Flex!

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