If You Had a Choice

When Life gives you a choice.. at the wrong time! I wish it did many years ago…

You’ve waken up to a stranger’s eyes, that soon became your life. but sooner this dream is not real.
You walk your path and they walk theirs. you touch your luck and they watch from afar.
You keep walking with the reality of them not being near.
years pass by and others just run away.. few more and they still care. but you never knew.
You got the chance. for a call from the past. lovely but hurts, it can never be yours.
you smile and fly. but sooner you curse your luck. its all gone and disappeared. you shed a tear and learn to smile, again and again.
you’re still holding on a memory, on a call. on a past that will never be yours. and at this time you decide to move on.
Life moves with you, you check it out and there’s a new path. out of nowhere. but you stop to think again. and again.
you either kiss your dreams. bury them and close your eyes. walk this new path and to wherever it leads.
or just keep walking. never mind the reality around. keep listening to the call of the past. to the echos of your heart. to the songs you sing alone!
none is easy and you need to think twice. none is guaranteed and you need to be wise.

However, you still have a choice!

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