What If…

And if I looked again.. would you dare to look back?
would you smile and let this soul fly? like it does every once in a while?
and what if.. I smiled back.. and told you three words that would turn your world upside down..
and what if.. we ran away, catching stars and embracing our day..
would it be fine? maybe a little more?
would you jump up high and scream those three words back?
would you be happy and would happiness be what you are..
and if i whispered to you.. this world is not for us..
this sky is our home.. and the stars are your eyes and mine..
and the night is as deep as your love..
would you rest your mind.. knowing there’s nowhere to hide..
no need to blink your eyes for everything you see is real..
and everything you hear is a magic..
and the only one you see is Me..

Aug 3, 2009

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