The American Dream!

At a 2008 city council meeting – Santa Cruz, California.

“I think that we should make a perfect pesticide for the crops but it’s good for people and healthy and keeps the crops preserved too because we need the food because it’s food and stuff.”

“We can be rich in cotton and mining metals and silkworms and we can makes things, we can make things cars, the machine can make it for us…on the East Coast they have slaves and they believe in slavery and made in China, but on the West Coast, the new West Coast, we don’t believe in that. We believe in the union and that’s what we are.”

Just for fun :p but the woman has a point!


4 thoughts on “The American Dream!

  1. this is not the American Dream. This lady is ridiculed everywhere in the US. But, coming from Santa Cruz, Pot Capital of California, I think she was a little high when she went up to the mic. So, it is a little understandable!

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