My Healthy Way!

chicken and Fries

So people ask me how I keep my lovely skin and face without pimples and always glowing and in a good health! here is how ladies and gents:

1- After midnight with an hour, around 1 am, get a four chicken pieces popyes meal that comes with fries, Pepsi and a biscuit. and of course, holy mayonnaise! (Pic above but after eating two pieces)

2- Eat them and Enjoy! oh must be chili !!

3- “mazmez” 3al pepsi.

4- When you’re done drinking pepsi, get bowl of yogurt and eat it. (pic below)

5- Before you know, its after 2 am, Sweet dreams!


This is what happened tonight, except step 5, about to happen.

8 thoughts on “My Healthy Way!

  1. amin, men el ma7al :p

    dadan, after suffering from constipation i decided to stop 7up and start pepsiing. 🙂 ma kan fe da3e lal e7raj lol

  2. well, not right after this meal.. i waited like half an hour. but the thing is, yogurt is good for the skin 🙂 when it comes to food, i am weird. my only problem with food is that i can’t gain weight!

  3. Well you know better since your a chick and all 😀

    And your so damn lucky, I eat a tiny bit more and i gain like 10 kilos, I wish i was like you, Eat and not care about if I’m going to gain weight or not.

  4. try sports hehe tho i dont do any exercise! my fear is one day all this weight will appear at once.. and ill be oh so doomed!

  5. Oh my god!! such a damn way 😀
    This something called “suicide” and don’t matters to HEALTH bshelen.
    First of all i hate soft drinks and I stopped drinking them since 1 year elhamdela, bs kolo kom o to eat arount 1:00 am another trouble 😦

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