Typical Friday

I wake up early like 9:30 – 10:00 am .. stay in bed for an hour or so before i get up walking around the house checking who’s in who’s not, and as usual, dad and mom are out early, either to have a breakfast outside together away from us or visit my aunt for a cup of coffee.. So I check the blog, other blogs, and some sites, emails and stuff.. then go to watch Simpsons for an hour or more. My parents get back home to start the day! omg I hate when they start it.. yallah get up fix a breakfast , clean the home, do something useful!! this is all i hear and all I DON’T want to hear in a friday morning! I just wanna relax people dont you get it! i dont wanna hear anyone talking or asking me to do something..

Then we have a breakfast (in case they didn’t already outside), hummos and falafel, milk, eggs and these stuff.. kind of breakfast I like.. but I hate what’s after it.. cleaning! yikes!ย  I repeat, I just want to RELAX today!

Later, more TV and more Internet surfing, more relaxing..including nagging from parents to do something more useful while they are actually doing something useful like cleaning backyard and front yard and these stuff..

even later, seeing friends and go out,, or just totally waste the day by relaxing more and some cleaning finally..

This is how I love friday.. Wasting the day with doing nothing.. just get rid of all the stress of the week! and one more reason to Love Friday is, the next day is also OFF ๐Ÿ˜€ wow! can life be better?!

Have a Nice weekend all…

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